12 Things To Do in Spain Winter With Spain Visa From UK

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While summer remains a popular season for tourists, winter has its own special charm when it comes to Spain. Mild temperatures along the coast make it possible to enjoy outdoor activities even during the colder months. And the holiday festivals and traditions unique to this season create a magical atmosphere across the country. This gives you a lot of things to do in Spain Winter. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to make the most of your Spain getaway, here’s the ultimate guide. And don’t forget to apply for spain visa uk in advance for a hassle-free vacation!

12 Things To Do in Spain Winter for a Magical Holiday!

1. Enjoy Tapas & Wine Indoors – Traditional Winter Foods in Spain

One of the best ways to embrace winter weather is to follow Spanish tradition and go on a tapas crawl.

With cooler days comes cosy indoor dining perfect for tasting a variety of small plates paired beautifully with Spanish wines. Whether you stay close to your hotel or explore neighbourhoods in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, each bar and restaurant will have its own specialities and ambience to discover.

Top picks: Seafood tapas, Iberian ham and cheese tapas, patatas bravas, Spanish tortilla.

2. Explore World-Class Museums in Spain

Spain has an abundance of fascinating museums, ranging from world-renowned institutions like the Prado and the Guggenheim to small galleries dedicated to specific artists and movements. Spend an afternoon getting lost amongst the collections without the crowds and heat of summer!

Top picks: Prado Museum (Madrid), Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Dalí Theatre-Museum (Figueres), Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid), Museo Thyssen (Madrid).

3. See a Flamenco Show – One of the Best Spain Winter Holiday Ideas

No trip to Spain is complete without experiencing the passion and music of flamenco. During winter, you can catch impromptu performances at bars and flamenco clubs across the country, as well as organized dance shows at theatres in cities like Seville, Granada, Madrid and Barcelona. The footwork will astound you. So, why wait? Apply Spain visa online appointment today!

Where to go: Seville, Granada, Córdoba, Madrid, Barcelona.

4. Go on a Hike or Walk – Spain Winter Nature Tours!

While Spain’s beaches are best enjoyed in warm weather, winter is a beautiful time to explore the country’s diverse interior regions. Go on guided day hikes past snow-capped mountain peaks outside of Málaga or walk along granite trails in Andalusia’s Sierra Nevada.

Top picks: Caminito del Rey, Picos de Europa National Park, Pyrenees Mountains.

5. Check Out Christmas Markets in Spain

From late November through December, plazas across Spain transform into magical Christmas markets selling artisanal gifts, holiday treats and decorations. In addition to the shopping, most markets have carnival rides, games, live music and even visits from Papa Noel.

Where to go: Plaza Mayor (Madrid), Santa Caterina Market (Barcelona), Plaza de España (Seville).

6. Relax at a Hammam or Spa – Relaxing Winter activities in Spain

Pamper yourself with an indulgent day at one of Spain’s many historic bathhouse complexes called hammams or baños árabes. These beautiful spaces often have separate cold, tepid and hot pools of varying temperatures for visitors to float between. Many also offer massages and body treatments. All you need to do is apply for an Online Visa for Spain!

Top picks: Baños del Alhama de Granada, Aire Ancient Baths (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville), Balneario Sicilia (Málaga).

7. Visit Alhambra Palace – Top Historical places to visit in Spain during winter

One of Spain’s most breathtaking attractions, the ornately decorated Alhambra Palace complex transports visitors back to the era of Moorish rule. Explore the Generalife gardens or try your luck getting tickets to see inside the intricately tiled Nasrid Palaces. Go early in the day to avoid crowds!

Location: Granada

8. Go Skiing and Snowboarding – Outdoor Activities in Spain in Winter

While best known for its beaches, Spain has excellent options when it comes to winter mountain sports thanks to mountain ranges like the Pyrenees, near the French border. In addition to first-rate ski resorts, you’ll also find charming mountain villages perfect for warming up with hot chocolate or wine after a day hitting the slopes.

Where to go: Sierra Nevada, Baqueira Beret, Formigal.

9. See a Football Match in Spain during Winter

Catch Spain’s legendary football league La Liga in action during your winter visit. Cheer alongside diehard local fans as top teams like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid compete. Or, visit the iconic stadiums of these football teams and take IG-worthy photos!

10. Shop for Souvenirs & Gifts in Spain Winter Night Markets

While exploring Spain’s plazas, boutiques and markets, keep an eye out for great souvenirs and gifts to bring home. Look for decorative tiles and ceramics, leather goods, traditional fans, handcrafted lace and embroidered fabrics, and artisanal food products like wine, olive oil and ham. Haggling is commonplace at markets!

What to buy: Ceramic tiles, leather bags/shoes, fans, shawls, food items.

11. Eat Seafood by the Beach – Popular Activities in Spain During Winter

While Spain’s beach resort towns are far quieter during winter, it’s still possible to enjoy seaside dining thanks to warmer temperatures along the Mediterranean coastline. Find a restaurant patio overlooking the ocean where you can feast on fresh-caught seafood dishes. Don’t forget to try Spain’s famous paella as well!

Where to go: Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava.

12. Attend a Three Kings Parade in Spain

A beloved Spanish holiday tradition, the “Three Kings” parades held in early January are full of magical floats, music and candy thrown to children in the crowds. Kids and adults alike will delight in seeing the Three Kings and their royal pages toss treats into the streets as they pass by.

Where to go: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Cádiz.

No matter what you decide to do this Spain Winter, you’re guaranteed to find plenty of diversión (fun). Just dress in layers for the cooler weather and plan some indoor activities for extra cold days. But even a little rain shouldn’t stop you from embracing the Spanish lifestyle!


Spain Winter holds so much magic to uncover – holiday festivities, passionate flamenco shows, world-famous museums without crowds, and even ski trips for adventurous types. With its mild climate and wealth of indoor activities too, travelling here any time of year offers remarkable experiences. We hope these ideas inspire your own Spanish winter getaway full of lasting memories. Just apply for Spain Visa from UK and experience an incredible winter vacation in Spain!


What is the weather like in Spain during winter?

During Spain’s winter from December-February, expect mild Mediterranean temperatures ranging from 50-60°F (10-16°C) along the coasts to colder 30-40°F (-1 to 4°C) weather farther inland and at higher elevations.

Where are the best beach resort towns to visit in the winter?

Popular Spain beach destinations like Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, and Costa Brava have enjoyable winter weather for dining al fresco or taking seaside walks, despite having fewer tourists than the summertime high season.

What should I wear and pack for winter travel in Spain?

Pack layers like sweaters, jackets, scarves, and boots, as well as a lightweight coat and umbrella or rain jacket in case of rain. Cold snaps do happen, so be prepared with hats, gloves, and extra warm layers too!

What winter festivals and events happen in Spain?

Top events include Christmas market fairs across all major cities, the Three Kings Day parades on January 5, festivals like the Fallas in Valencia (March) or Carnival in February/March, plus lively New Year’s Eve celebrations everywhere.

Is transportation around Spain easy to navigate during the low tourist season?

Yes! With fewer crowds, off-season travel around Spain via trains, buses, and even rental cars is less stressful. Just be mindful of any holiday closures or changes in schedules/frequency for public transportation.

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