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In recent times, YouTube has become one among the favourite time pass options for teenagers . If you see that your kid is busy watching YouTube videos all day long and has stopped interacting with other kids instead, its right time you ought to inspect for his online activities. Being an elder, it's your responsibility to seem into the matter carefully and help him falling prey to YouTube obsession. Risks involved in YouTube Videos Most people dont know that it's important to filter YouTube content and respect age limits. If you are doing not follow the rules or restrict the content, your child might open inappropriate videos unknowingly and become the victim of cyber-bullying. There are many unboxing and makeup videos available on YouTube. These videos aren't only for entertainment purpose, its there because the advertisers want you to ascertain it and pip out from them. If your child goes through any such content, he may demand similar products from you, which could be inappropriate for the kid of his age. It is important that you simply attempt to make a balance between screen times. If you're unable to try to to so, your child might suffer from mental or physical health issues.

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